Dental Website Email Post Office

The "Post Office" area of the "Email Hosting" section lets you set up a virtual "Post Office" for each of your dental marketing domains. Once you have created a "Post Office," you can then go to the "Mailboxes" section and set up individual email accounts using this domain name for yourself and your staff. These are instructions to help you get up and going with configuring your webmail accounts. This is really simple and will take only a few minutes. The first thing you need to do is pick one … [Read more...]

Dental Website Email Mailboxes

You can add any number of email addresses for all of your dental website marketing domain names here. You can also edit and delete email addresses if members of your staff change. If you're trying to find the webmail link so you can check your email online, you'll find that in the "Post Office" area of the IDA online dental marketing Control Panel. If you want to set up email addresses on multiple domain names, refer to the advanced strategy video (second video below). In the "Mailboxes" … [Read more...]

External Email Hosting

You do not have to host your dental website email with IDA. If you are already hosting your email with another provider, please register that information here. Just add the domain name and select the provider. We have included the setting for a number of the most commonly used email providers. If you don't find your email provider here, you must provide us with the DNS MX and DNS SPF settings. The "External Hosting" area of the "Email Hosting" section is for if you're already hosting your … [Read more...]