Dental Practice Locations Overview

Here you can change any information about the Locations you have previously added to the Control Panel. You cannot add a new location here, only on the main “Practice Locations” page.

The “Location Name” is for your use only. This name will not actually appear on any of your web portals or in the IDA portals and directories.

The same is true for “Geographic Region” – you can enter “Southern California” or “San Francisco Bay Area” or “Northern Maine” – whatever you feel is appropriate for your area.

In your IDA Control Panel, all of the geographic locations associated with your dental practice are listed under “Practice Locations.” The control panel works the same whether your practice has only one location or dozens of facilities.

The information in the “Locations” section is different from that in the “Customize Portals” section. If you have multiple locations and web portals, this is a really important distinction – and it’s one that gives you powerful flexibility.

The “Reference Name” associated with each location is how that location will display, internally, in the sidebar menu of the IDA Control Panel. Clicking the reference name will take you straight to the overview page for that location. You can edit the location information on that page, or you can go back to where we were before and click the pencil icon to edit a location’s information. The “Geographic Region” and “County” are important ways of geo-targeting your web portal with search engines.

You can click the trash can icon to delete a location, or click the “New Location” button to add one.

You’ll also see how many portals are associated with each location. Changing information here, in the “Locations” level, will automatically update your location information on your find-a-dentist portal listings, but if you are trying to change the content that appears on a particular web portal, go to the “Customize Portals” section.

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