Dental Appointment Notifications

On this page, you can select exactly how you want to be notified of your new patient leads that come in from a variety of different dental marketing sources, including your dental website, find-a-dentist listings, dental directory marketing, and more. Each of your locations has a variety of contact addresses (email, fax, SMS/text, voice) for delivery of your new dental patient lead notifications. In addition, for each of your locations, there is a table of checkboxes that allow you to … [Read more...]

Dental Appointment Call Tracking

You have the option of displaying a toll-free appointment request phone number on each of your dental web portals that will allow you to track a wealth of information about your potential new dental patients, so that you can follow up and be sure they have scheduled an appointment.Data includes their phone number, date and time of their call, their city, state and postal code, and the duration of their phone call.You also have the option to listen to a recording of the call, which can be an … [Read more...]

Dental Marketing Lead Tracking Reports & Graphs

You can review all leads generated by your IDA marketing in the "Reports" section of the IDA Control Panel: listen to call recordings, view new patient graphs, and download your lead tracking data. The first report, on the overall "Review Leads" page, summarizes all your new patient leads. At the top of the page, you'll see a graph that displays all of your leads, grouped by month. Expand or reduce the shaded area to control the time period you want to include in this comprehensive list of … [Read more...]