Online Dental Patient Testimonials

The optional “Testimonials” page allows you to display images of and statements from your satisfied patients on your dental website.

You can add, delete, edit and rearrange your testimonials whenever you like.

Remember, as the dentist, it is YOUR responsibility to obtain consent in writing from your dental patients before you publish their image and testimonial.

In the “Testimonials” area of the “Customize Portals” section, you can choose if you’d like to display pictures and comments from satisfied patients. Make sure the “Display on portal” box in the top right-hand corner is checked if you want to include a “What Patients Say” page on your web portal. The drop-down menu under “Layout” lets you pick your page layout style – that is, if you want the photos to be on the right or left side of the text.

Click “New Testimonial” to add one. You must enter the patient’s name – probably just a first name or initials. You also must enter the text of their testimonial. Adding the patient’s photo is optional, but a photo really increases the impact of a testimonial. But remember, it is your responsibility to obtain written consent from patients before using their images on your website.

You can edit testimonials by clicking the pencil icon, delete them with the trash can icon, and use the arrow keys to re-order them. If you would like to copy testimonials from one of your web portals to another, just click the “Copy from another portal” link at the bottom of the page to instantly import all testimonials.

Then check out the “What Patients Say” page on your live web portal. Looks great, right? Testimonials are a powerful way to attract new patients. Plus, your testimonials are automatically tagged with HTML code that improves your search engine positioning.

Download the “Consent To Use Photograph” form to be signed by anyone whose image you use on your website

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