Dentist Credentials

Internet Dental Alliance’s LeadFire 2.0 program lets you list professional credentials for all dentists associated with your practice.

For each doctor, you can list credentials, degrees, association memberships, and a wealth of other information including a photo, video, and a short statement of philosophy.

The “Doctors” section of the Control Panel is where you enter a master list of all the doctors associated with your practice.

To add a new doctor, go to the “Doctors” section and click “New Doctor.” Enter the doctor’s name as you would like it to be displayed. Select the accreditation and gender. Choose a prefix like “doctor,” enter the person’s full name, and check the box to indicate if they are a partner at the practice. It’s also good to upload a picture of the doctor that is 120 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall.

You can also include a personal video of each doctor within that doctor’s profile. This video will be shown on that dentist’s “Meet the Doctor” page on your website.

This is in the “Doctor Info” tab. If we move over to the “Logos” tab, we can select logos of organizations of which this doctor is a member. There are suggestions on the right, and a drop-box that lets you sort by category. You can also click “New Item” and upload your own logo image file.

The “Credentials & Memberships” tab is similar, but lists the names of the organizations rather than their logos. When you click “New Item,” “New Association” will appear on your list. Just click the pencil icon to edit the text. In both these tabs, you can use the arrow buttons to re-order your list, and the trash can icon to delete an item.

Under the “Philosophy” tab, you can optionally include a philosophy statement from that doctor. We’ve provided suggestions at right that you can use, or you can edit the text, or enter your own.

You can always edit a doctor’s information just by clicking the pencil icon. Remember, the “Doctors” section of the Control Panel is your master list of all doctors. You’ll choose from this master list when associating doctors with locations and web portals in other sections of the Control Panel.

About Julie Frey

Julie Frey is Marketing Director for Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. Her help videos assist dentist clients with getting the most out of their New Patient Control Panel with their IDA internet dental marketing program.