Dental Practice Community Information

You can likely improve your dental website’s position in search engine results by providing more information about each of your geographic markets.

Here you can write up to three paragraphs of text about each area. We have provided some hints on what content might be appropriate for your web portal, but the content is entirely up to you.

Search engines respond well to high-quality detailed information on a subject. Consult your local resources for interesting and engaging content on each of your geographic markets.

Note: this option supports only text, not images.

The “Community Info” area of the “Customize Portals” section is where you can optionally add more information about the communities you serve. Having geo-targeted text that includes local keywords will improve your search engine optimization for local searches.

The communities listed are the 5 cities, towns or areas that you specified in the “Geographic Markets” area of the Control Panel, as well as your county. You can write up to three paragraphs of text for each, but you don’t need to enter anything here. The Control Panel offers suggestions as to what you might write, like the physical appearance of the location, its history, industries and resources.

This information will appear on the local geo-targeted pages of your web portal. If you scroll to the very bottom of your portal, you’ll see links that include your geographic markets. Click one to see that area’s geo-targeted page. Scroll down, and on the right-hand sidebar you’ll see the “Community Information” text you entered in the Control Panel.

To improve your dental website’s search engine positioning, make sure your text includes the name of the city or town, maybe the state, and any other keyword terms local people might search for on the Internet.

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