My Dental Website Videos

There are many ways to incorporate video into your IDA dental website. You can upload videos you've made yourself, or you can embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or other video sharing websites. You can also use stock videos from IDA's Video Library. To get the most from their internet dental marketing, many doctors record their own videos. A short welcome video from you can really add value to your website by letting prospective patients get to know the doctor and the practice. You can record … [Read more...]

My Photos, Videos & Files

The "Photos, Videos & Files" section is your personal library where you can upload all the customized content you want on your dental website, include custom dental website video content. Photos and logos, videos, dental practice forms and documents, dental articles you've written or edited - you can manage all that content here. This section includes the "My Images," "My Videos," "My Documents," and "My Articles" areas. … [Read more...]

My Dental Website Images

You can customize most of the pages on your dental website with your own photographs and images. But first you must upload them here, to your "My Images" Library. Your personal library of images is displayed below in alphabetical order by filename. You can upload additional images by clicking on the "Upload Image" button. A dialog box will open that will allow you to browse your own hard drive for the image you want to upload. The Control Panel supports the most common image formats .jpg, … [Read more...]

My Dental Website Documents

You can upload your own custom dental practice forms and other documents in this section. This might include your new patient registration form, medical history form, privacy policy notification form, etc. Your forms will then be available on your dental website in the "Patient Forms" section. To make a form appear on your web portal, select it in the "Patient Forms" area of the "Practice Locations" section. Your forms must be in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The "My Documents" section is … [Read more...]

My Dental Website Articles

The articles that you write or select from our library will appear in the "Dental Info Center" section of your dental web portal. You can write your own dental articles here and they will be available for inclusion on any of your dental practice websites as soon as you set the status as "final." Just click the "New Article" button to start. You can also customize any of our pre-written articles by clicking on "Customize" to the right of the article title. To select articles to appear on a … [Read more...]