Dental Marketing Lead Tracking Reports & Graphs

You can review all leads generated by your IDA marketing in the “Reports” section of the IDA Control Panel: listen to call recordings, view new patient graphs, and download your lead tracking data.

The first report, on the overall “Review Leads” page, summarizes all your new patient leads.

At the top of the page, you’ll see a graph that displays all of your leads, grouped by month. Expand or reduce the shaded area to control the time period you want to include in this comprehensive list of all your new patient leads.

In the drop-down “Lead Sources” box, you can further filter your results. Review leads from a particular web portal, from your directory marketing, or for a specific practice location.

The checkboxes let you choose if you want your filtered results to include leads from web forms, emails, and telephone calls.

To the right, you’ll see your “Lead Counts.” The “Total Leads” are all patient leads generated by your IDA marketing for as long as your account has been active. The “Filtered Leads” are the ones that match the criteria you’ve selected. Each lead is listed individually below.

If you’ve turned on Call Tracking and Call Recording in the “Call Tracking” area of the “Appointment Management” section, you’ll also see a list of everyone who called the toll-free number on your website to request an appointment. In your report, you’ll see a speaker icon next to the call. That means you can listen to a recording of that call – just use the player below to control it. Monitoring these calls can give you valuable insights into how well your front office is converting these calls to actual appointments.

You’ll see a variety of information about each lead, including when the lead came in. If available, the report will include the contact’s name. You can also see the contact’s city, state and ZIP code, plus their phone number, and maybe their email address. The duration of phone calls is listed.

The “Source” column tells you which web portal generated the lead. The “Type” column shows what sort of lead it is – a phone inquiry, appointment request, response to a website promotion, smile analysis, or what have you.

You can export this data to another program such as Microsoft Excel or Word, or as a CSV database file – so you can conduct whatever sort of data analysis or review you want.

But for most doctors, the IDA Control Panel provides all the lead reporting you could ever need!

You can also review lead reports based on City, Postal Code, Dental Market, and Lead Type. You have the same filtering options, and you can export these reports, too.

The “Leads by City” report page shows you a pie chart of all the cities from which you’ve gotten leads. Which cities are generating the most new patients for you? Are these the same cities you’re targeting in the “Geographic Markets” area of the “Customize Portals” section? If not, you might want to reconsider your geo-targeting! If you’re getting lots of new patients from a city, you should include that city as a targeted geographic market.

The “Leads by Postal Code” report is similar, except it tracks ZIP codes instead of city names. This gives you even more precise geographic information – especially in large cities with many ZIP codes.

In the “Geographic Markets” area, you don’t just choose five cities to target – you choose ZIP codes, too. IDA uses both the city names and the ZIP codes to maximize your search engine visibility.

The “Leads by Dental Market” lets you see how the different dental markets you’re targeting compare to each other. Here, you can see that the Cosmetic Dentistry portal is generating the most new patients, followed by the portal targeted at Orthodontic patients. The Dentures and Dental Implants portals are generating comparatively fewer patients.

In the “Leads by Type” report, you’ll learn more about what’s motivating patients to contact you. See how many phone inquiries you get, compared to how many online appointment requests. You’ll also see if you’re getting free smile analysis or recare appointment requests.

Remember, the “Notifications” area of the “Appointment Management” section is where you can specify how you would like your office or offices to be notified of each new lead.

Just visit the “Reports” section of the Control Panel, anytime, to view customized reports with the latest data. And don’t forget that you can review all of your call recordings on the overall “Review Leads” page. Turn Call Tracking and recording on and off in the “Appointment Management” section.

Download the call recording acknowledgement form for your team members to sign

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