Video Subscriptions

IDA provides stock videos that you can use on your dental website. The Basic Library is automatically included in your IDA membership. You can add any of these videos to your dental websites at no additional cost. For access to even more dental videos, try the Premium Video Library. These longer, more detailed videos can add depth and variety to your dental practice website. When you subscribe, you'll be able to add as many Premium videos to your websites as you'd like. With so much video … [Read more...]

Stock Video Libraries

With so much video content available online, more and more dentists are adding video to their dental websites. The New Patient Marketing Machine from the Internet Dental Alliance lets you do just that. You can add your own videos to your website, or choose from IDA's library of dental marketing videos. In your New Patient Control Panel, select "Video Libraries" on the left to preview IDA's stock videos. You can see all available videos on the "Stock Videos" page. Click the Play button next to … [Read more...]