How To Choose a Dentist

The optional “Top 10 Things” buttons on various pages of your site link to a printable flyer that provides your patients with valuable information on choosing a dentist in this particular dental market, along with details about your practice including address, phone and directions.

Write a short general statement, just a sentence or two. Then select 10 items to include in the flyer. You can either use the suggestions provided, or write your own.

The “How to Choose a Dentist” area of the “Customize Portals” section links to the “Top 10 Things You Should Know Before You Select a Dentist” button on your web portal.

When patients click that button on your web portal, they’ll be taken to a printable flyer that offers more information on how to choose a dentist in this particular dental market. This page includes your practice’s contact information.

If you want this to be displayed on your dental website, make sure the “Display on Portal” box in the top right corner is checked. If you uncheck this box, “The Top 10 Things” will disappear from your web portal.

You can write a few introductory sentences of your own, or you can use the General Statement we have provided. Then, choose items to add to your Top 10 List from our list of suggestions at right. You’ll notice that these are all related to the web portal’s Primary Dental Market.

You can use the arrow keys to re-order your list of 10 items. Edit any item by clicking the pencil icon, or delete it with the trash can icon. If you’d like to write your own, just click “New Item.” Enter a heading and write a few sentences, then click “Save” to add it to your list. You can always click “Reset” to get back to our standard default text.

This is a powerful addition to your web portal, because it gives patients an actual page they can print out and hold onto. The page includes your practice name, address, phone number and website, as well as your practice’s logo and promotional photo.

If you would like to change the image on the “Top 10 Critical Things You Should Know Before You Select a Dentist” button, go to the “Portal Design” area of the “Customize Portals” section and click the “Customize Images” tab. Select “Miscellaneous Images” from the drop-down filter menu, and you’ll see this image. Click the pencil icon next to it to edit it. IDA has a library of stock images you can choose for the background. Choose an image, click “select,” and your live web portal will be updated right away.

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