Targeting Geographic Markets

Your primary geographic market is the city or town in which your dental practice is located. You can add up to four additional geographic areas in which to market your dental practice.

Choose neighboring towns or suburbs from which you reasonably want to attract patients. In urban areas it may be adjacent neighborhoods or districts. In more rural areas, it may be neighboring towns. You know best how the people in your area refer to their neighboring areas.

Note: your primary geographical market is always the location of your primary practice.

The “Geographic Markets” area in the “Customize Portals” section is where you geo-target your web portal for your particular area – essential to getting local patients to find you online.

A portal’s Primary Geographic Market is always the location of the primary practice associated with that web portal, and will be automatically loaded when the portal is first built. You can also add up to four more additional geographic areas that will be listed on your site. This information will help your portal appear in the search engines for local searches.

When adding geographic areas, you should target those areas from which you are currently getting the most new patients. These will frequently be neighboring towns or cities, but not always! It all depends how people in your area search for local information. In a big city, you might use neighborhood names; in a rural area, you might use regional identifiers.

Click “New City or Area” to add a geographic market to your list. Enter the name of the city or area, the state, and a ZIP code at the center of that area. The ZIP codes won’t be visible on your web portal, but they’re added to your portal’s programming to help search engines find you. You can use the arrow keys to re-prioritize your list of Geographical Markets.

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