Dental Appointment Call Tracking

You have the option of displaying a toll-free appointment request phone number on each of your dental web portals that will allow you to track a wealth of information about your potential new dental patients, so that you can follow up and be sure they have scheduled an appointment.

Data includes their phone number, date and time of their call, their city, state and postal code, and the duration of their phone call.

You also have the option to listen to a recording of the call, which can be an invaluable asset in evaluating the skills of your office staff in handing appointment requests.

In the “Call Tracking” area of the “Appointment Management” section, you can turn on Call Recording and Call Tracking for new patient leads. We can track information about incoming calls, including the caller’s name, location, phone number, the length of their call – even a recording of the call itself that you can review at any time – all of which lets you make sure your team follows up on appointment requests.

You’ll see a list of your dental practice web portals and dental marketing campaigns in the “Call Tracking” area. Your 1stDDS dental directory campaign will probably already be listed, but you’ll probably also want to add your portal or sites by selecting from the drop-down list at the bottom of the page and clicking “Add Selected Portal.”

Adding a web portal takes a moment, because IDA is automatically assigning a toll-free appointment request phone number to your portal. This number lets us track the information about patient requests that is displayed in the “Lead Tracking” area of the “Reports” section.

Call Recording will automatically be enabled, but you can turn it off if you do not want these phone calls to be recorded. You can also choose to “Pause” the tracking on that phone number if you want.

If you’re planning to record calls, you should have each team member sign a release form acknowledging that they may be recorded on the telephone.

Remember, the “Call Tracking” area of the “Appointment Management” section is where you can turn on and off Call Recording and Call Tracking. You can review the tracking information and listen to the recordings in the “Lead Tracking” area of the “Reports” section. The “Notifications” area of the “Appointment Management” section is where you can specify how you would like your office or offices to be notified of each new lead.

Download the call recording acknowledgement form for your team members to sign

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