Selected Dentists for Dental Web Portal

Here you can customize which doctors will appear on this web portal. Please choose which doctors will be featured on this portal.

For each doctor, you can customize the photo, credentials, association memberships, and philosophy statement.

The first doctor in the list will be considered the primary doctor in all the content for this web portal only.

You can also choose to display multiple doctors in the web portal content by using the settings in the box at the bottom of the page.

All doctor profiles are stored in the “Doctors” section of the Control Panel. In the “Practice Locations” section, you select which doctors are associated with each practice location. Right now, we’re in the “Selected Doctors” area in the “Customize Portals” section, so we’re working on what will be displayed on this particular web portal.

The list of doctors we have to choose from are all of the doctors associated with this web portal’s primary practice location. But we may not want every doctor at that location to be shown on this portal. For example, if it’s a dentures portal, you probably wouldn’t want to list a pediatric dentist on that site.

Multi-doctor practices can customize their web portal content to reference multiple doctors. By default, your portal will read, for example, “Dr. Smith is highly trained in a range of dental options.” If you check the “Use the names below to reference multiple doctors” box, you can change how the copy reads. “Drs. Smith and Jones” – “The doctors at Tiburon Dental Care” – “John & Mary” – Just make sure to choose something plural. Now the web portal copy reads, “Drs. Smith and Jones are highly trained in a range of dental options.” All copy throughout your portal will automatically and instantly be updated when you check this box.

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