Dental Location Logo & Promo Photos

Adding a photo of the dentist or dentists at your practice is a powerful way to improve your dental website marketing and attract more new patient leads.

When you set up your LeadFire 2.0 program, you’ll be asked to upload what we call a “promotional photo.” This should be a photo of the primary dentist or partners at the practice. A friendly photo can go a long way towards making a connection with a potential new patient.

There are two “Logo & Promotional Photos” areas in the IDA Control Panel. One is at the location level, and the other is at the web portal level. Your 1stDDS portal listings are linked to you location or locations, and they will reference the information you enter at the location level in the “Practice Locations” section. Here you can customize your practice name, certification, and slogans for this location only.

You can also select a logo and a home-page promotional photograph for use in the IDA dental directories for this location.

Your web portal, on the other hand, will display the information you enter at the portal level in the “Customize Portals” section.

This offers extra flexibility to large practices with multiple locations and web portals. If your practice has one doctor, one location, and one portal, you’ll be most concerned with making changes in the “Customize Portals” section.

In terms of how your practice’s name will appear on the web portal, you’ll probably want to drop the “LLC” or what have you from your formal practice name. You also may want to add “Certification” text like “General Dentistry.” If you don’t have a practice logo, don’t worry – you don’t need one. If you do, select it here. It should be a 200 by 100 pixel image. In a single-doctor practice, the promotional photo can be the same as the doctor’s photo. If it’s a group practice, you’ll probably want to use a group photo.

Remember, if you’re trying to change what’s displayed on your portal, you need to go to the “Customize Portals” section of the Control Panel. Check out the “Logo & Promotional Photos” area, plus go into the “Portal Design” area and make changes under the “Options” tab.

About Julie Frey

Julie Frey is Marketing Director for Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. Her help videos assist dentist clients with getting the most out of their New Patient Control Panel with their IDA internet dental marketing program.