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The “Post Office” area of the “Email Hosting” section lets you set up a virtual “Post Office” for each of your dental marketing domains.

Once you have created a “Post Office,” you can then go to the “Mailboxes” section and set up individual email accounts using this domain name for yourself and your staff. These are instructions to help you get up and going with configuring your webmail accounts. This is really simple and will take only a few minutes.

The first thing you need to do is pick one of the domains you own to become your base domain for your email addresses.

The “Post Office” area of the “Email Hosting” section is where you can turn on email capabilities for your dental website marketing domains. To set up email, first you need to set up a virtual “Post Office” on a domain you own. Next, you’ll go to the “Mailboxes” area to set up individual email accounts.

Initially, you won’t have any post office domains listed. To begin, click “Add domain to post office.” The first domain name you add will become your primary post office domain. You can add more URLs later, but these will secondary post office domain names.

Select one of your active URLs – this is what will appear after the “@” in your new email address – then click “Add.” And that’s all you have to do on this page! You’ll head over to the “Mailboxes” area next to set up email accounts on this post office.

Once you’ve set up those accounts, you can access your email online through the webmail link shown. You’ll use this same link, on this primary post office domain name, to access webmail for all of your email accounts, even if the email address is associated with one of your other domains. You might want to bookmark this link. You can also use the information shown under “Email client settings” to access this email through your own email program.

Many doctors set up email for themselves and their team members on their primary domain name. But if you have multiple website domain names, you can set up email mailboxes on multiple domains – it’s entirely up to you.

Now that you’ve set up your virtual “Post Office,” head on over to the “Mailboxes” area to create individual email accounts.

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