New Videos for Gen4/Gen5 Doctor Websites Julie is producing a series of 24 videos (3 videos in each of 8 focus areas) to be used in Gen4 (and later Gen5) doctor websites. The videos are 60-90 seconds long. Six of these videos are now complete and are posted below. Dental Implants 1 - Options for Missing Teeth Dentistry 1 - Choosing the Right Dentist Dentures 1 - Mini Dental Implants Invisalign 1 - How Invisalign Works Orthodontics 1 - Braces for Adults Sedation Dentistry 1 - … [Read more...]

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About Google Plus

By now, you've probably heard about Google Plus. You've probably at least noticed the black bar atop Google's website. The social networking service was launched in summer 2011. In many ways, it's Google's answer to Facebook. But Google Plus integrates all of Google's many services, giving it the potential for far greater reach than Facebook. If you already have an account with Google - like a gmail account - you can upgrade it to a Google Plus account (also known as "G+") with the click … [Read more...]

Using Video in Your IDA Dental Website

With so much video content available online, more and more dentists are adding video to their dental websites. The New Patient Marketing Machine from the Internet Dental Alliance lets dental practices do just that. You can add your own videos to your website, or choose from IDA's library of dental marketing videos. Here's how IDA can help you with dental website video marketing.60-second overview of Gen4 video There are many ways to incorporate video into your IDA dental website. Under … [Read more...]

Facebook Tab Pages for Dental Marketing

By Julie Frey It's become increasingly common for dentists to use social media for dental marketing. A survey by The Wealthy Dentist showed that half of dentists have Facebook accounts for their dental practices. But setting up a professional-looking Facebook profile isn't easy. Between adding graphics and using developer tools, creating pages and building links, there's a lot to do... and a lot of ways to go wrong. But what if it was easy? What if your dental practice could have a Facebook … [Read more...]

Control Panel Welcome Videos

These three videos appear in the welcome screen upon logging in to the IDA New Patient Control Panel. Video 1: Getting Started A must-see introduction to using this control panel and guidance on things you should do first ... Video 2: Navigating the Control Panel A quick guided tour of the control panel. Learn where to make specific changes to your marketing plan. ... Video 3: Powerful Portals vs. Wimpy Websites Learn the many features designed into your new patient … [Read more...]