Review New Patient Leads from Your IDA Pay-Per-Lead Dental Marketing

New dental patient leadsYou can review all of the leads from your IDA Pay-Per-Lead dental marketing program within your online Control Panel.

Click “Reports” on the sidebar menu, then select “Review Leads.” This is where you can see a list of all your new patient leads.

Watch the video below to learn more…

In the table, you’ll see all your leads. Each one includes details like when the call came in, where it came from, and the caller’s name, if available.

The bar graph at the top shows your leads by month. Click the current month to see this month’s leads, or select another time range on the graph.

In the “Status” column, you’ll notice that your leads are color-coded into different categories. Every single lead will show up here – but remember, with pay-per-lead marketing, you’re only charged for real, verified leads.

If it’s green, that means that one of our team members has reviewed it and verified that it’s a valid lead. Yellow means that we have not yet reviewed the lead, but it’s in the queue. If it’s grey, we’ve decided it doesn’t meet the criteria for a lead, and you will not be charged for it.

If you ever disagree with our assessment of a lead – that is, if we ever charge you for something that you don’t think is a valid lead – then you have 30 days to challenge it. If you’re disputing any leads, they will show up blue. To challenge a particular lead, just click the question mark icon next to that lead. You can watch a video that explains more about the process, then submit your reason for disputing the lead. A manager will then review that lead.

When a dispute is resolved, you’ll see a check mark next to the lead. You can click the colored icon to see more details about any specific lead. Any details about disputes and resolution can also be found here. You can also see this information by clicking the “Details” button at the bottom of the screen.

Clicking the speaker icon next to a lead lets you listen to a recording of that phone call or message. Click colored icon next to the lead itself to get more information about that particular lead.

You can also sort your leads by clicking at the top of the column. Sorting by the lead category lets you see all of the leads of any particular type. For example, many doctors come into the Control Panel once a month to review their leads. This lets you easily see all of your new valid leads, or any leads that you have disputed.

Higher up on the lead review page, you can further filter which leads are displayed – phone leads, email leads, leads from a specific website or for a particular location.

The graph at the very top lets you compare new patient leads by month. To further analyze your lead data, you can also select the other options within the “Reports” section of the Control Panel. You can review graphs showing your leads by city, postal code, dental market, or lead type.

We strongly recommend that, at least once a month, you log onto your Control Panel, click “Reports,” then “Review Leads.” Your office will be immediately notified of all new leads based on your notification preferences. The Control Panel is where you can dispute leads, review calls for quality control, and monitor the overall effectiveness of your IDA dental marketing program.

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Julie Frey is Marketing Director for Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. Her help videos assist dentist clients with getting the most out of their New Patient Control Panel with their IDA internet dental marketing program.