Review New Patient Leads from Your IDA Pay-Per-Lead Dental Marketing

You can review all of the leads from your IDA Pay-Per-Lead dental marketing program within your online Control Panel. Click "Reports" on the sidebar menu, then select "Review Leads." This is where you can see a list of all your new patient leads. Watch the video below to learn more... In the table, you'll see all your leads. Each one includes details like when the call came in, where it came from, and the caller's name, if available. The bar graph at the top shows your leads by month. … [Read more...]

Dental Marketing Lead Tracking Reports & Graphs

You can review all leads generated by your IDA marketing in the "Reports" section of the IDA Control Panel: listen to call recordings, view new patient graphs, and download your lead tracking data. The first report, on the overall "Review Leads" page, summarizes all your new patient leads. At the top of the page, you'll see a graph that displays all of your leads, grouped by month. Expand or reduce the shaded area to control the time period you want to include in this comprehensive list of … [Read more...]